Interim management is known to us as a proven and successful model that has been employed over the years in Western Europe, however not commonly used in Central and Eastern European markets. We would like to put effort in promoting this way of cooperation within Czech Republic and other countries in our region. Our aim is to create and continuously develop a group of certified Interim Managers acting at top-level managerial positions.

Would you like to be an Interim Manager?

To be an interim professional is a privileged position which offers an unparalleled opportunity to drive through change and to make a real difference.

What do I need for?

Most importantly is personality and the professional experience of the candidate. Interim Managers are experienced people with corporate track record, project mind and it is their own decision and conviction to conduct specific projects.

There is no universal Interim Manager, but within one industry a certain universality is possible. An Interim Manager is not just a Consultant, who suggest solutions, but also implements them. As he is perceived as a part of the managerial team, he is authorized to set up tasks for employees of the client company.

Necessary steps?

  • get registered in trade register and obtain the trade licence as a freelancer
  • register by revenue authority
  • register by regional Czech Social Security Administration for the pension and sickness insurance
  • register by health insurance as a private payer
  • setup insurance with selected provider

AGIM Assignments by Function

Data from years 2009 – 2015.

AGIM – selection process

The last accomplished project is the best reference of a good Interim Manager.

Not every successful manager acting in the corporate will be a successful Interim Manager. And not all Consultants who were successful in large consulting companies will be automatically successful as a freelancer. That is why we have our own specific selection process based on testing and thorough reference checking of potential Interim Managers.

Only 30% from the applicants pass the high quality selection process successfully and fulfill the set requirements for the Interim management role.

Of course we put maximum effort to thorough reference checking before presentation of the candidate to the client in order to provide him with as much as possible relevant information to help to decide.

By working with us, you will be provided with:

  • Interesting projects
  • On-time payments
  • Great alternative to a full-time employment contract
  • Certification for better selling options

Our aim is to take individual care of each member of the pool of certified AGIM Interim Managers and Consultants, and provide them with assignments complying with their interests and availability. However, we are not able to guarantee continuous co-operation with back-to-back assignments.

Creation of network of Interim Managers

The identification of potential Interim Managers/Consultants is continuous process. AGIM searches in several sources:

  • Active advertising and promotion of AGIM services via our web sites - AGIM portal
  • Recommendation from our AGIM Interim Managers or business associates
  • Spontaneous applicants
  • Direct approaching potential interim managers/freelance consultants

Selection process

The selection process of interim professionals consists of:

  • behavioral interview with AGIM Consultant
  • reference checking
  • Case study solving if needed
  • Psychological evaluation if applicable and requested by the client

Successful candidate is than listed to internal AGIM database of Interim Managers.

Continuous contact with Interim Managers

During the interview with AGIM Consultant is every IM informed about the way of cooperation on potential project by the client.

As soon as become the IM apart of AGIMs’ network and is listed to our internal database, Consultants monitor regularly his/her availability and new project working experience and inform him/her continuously about newly opened projects.

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