Our Mission

Accord Group Interim Managers & Consultants strives to establish and activate a market for companies in need of interim solutions and well-qualified independent professionals.

We aim to be the leading professional Interim Management and Consulting service provider in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, integrating the best practices of Western Interim Management providers and 20 years of experience in selecting and placing top managers in the Central and Eastern European markets.

Code of ethics

At AGIM, we invest time and energy in maintaining ongoing, lasting relationships which deliver results to both our clients and candidates. Our in-depth expertise means we achieve results time after time. Ethics is at the forefront of our business strategy. We are guided by the following ethical principles which reflect the core values of the interim management profession and comply with the ethical principles recommended by the Interim Managers Association of the United Kingdom.

  • Confidentiality: We respect the confidential nature of all information provided to us, and require our interim professionals to do likewise.
  • Professionalism: We guarantee a professional approach to every participant in the process.
  • Competence: We perform all interim management assignments competently and with an appropriate degree of knowledge, thoroughness and urgency.
  • Accuracy: We strive to meet our obligations and be accurate in all communications with our clients, interim professionals and other business partners.
  • Public interest and legality: We conduct our activities with respect for the public interest and always within the local legal framework.
  • Proactive prevention of conflicts of interest
  • Equal opportunity: We support equal opportunity in employment and objectively evaluate all qualified candidates.
  • Loyalty: We serve our clients loyally.
  • Fair trading policy and competition: We respect and implement fair trade and fair methods of competition.

The way we work

Cooperation with our client

AGIM services are based on tripartite relationship between the client, Consulting company AGIM and an independent freelancer – Interim Manager.

Our clients comprise large and middle sized international corporates as well as purely Czech companies across all industry sectors such as manufacturing, services, pharmaceutical industry, FMCG and retail.

Based on the analysis of the clients’ needs conducted together with the client, we look up the suitable and available Interim Manager as human resource.

We contract on one side the Interim Manager, with whom we sign an executive mandate, which empowers him/her to act in this role for the client. On the other side we contract the client. In some rare cases there is a direct contract between the client and the Interim Manager.

How do we find our Interim Managers

Creation of network of potential Interim Managers is an on-going process. In AGIM we have several resources such as:

  • active promotion of AGIM services through our web sites
  • AGIM portal – based on recommendation of our certified Interim Managers
  • recommendation of our business partners
  • direct approach of potential Interim Managers and freelance Consultants

Each Interim Manager undergoes through the selection proces to evaluate his/her competencies, working experience and checking references. Successful candidates are listed to our internal database.

AGIM Interim Managers are experienced, qualified experts with the focus on all parts of the management of the company:

  • General and executive management
  • Finance management, operations, production and logistic management
  • Human resources management
  • Procurement and stock management
  • Marketing and sales management

All our Interim Managers have proven experience from consulting companies. Their managerial experience and skills always exceed the entrusted task/project from the client.

As “candidates for full time employment” for such a positions they would be “overqualified”. But in roles of Interim Managers these “margins” are advantages, which helps them to get familiar with the issues faster and minimize the possibility of failure.

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