Is your organisation facing red numbers? Are you facing another challenge calling for an immediate answer?

AGIM can provide you with IMs bringing best practice and competitive industry experience, who can impact your business within days.


66% of companies in trouble need change. 56% of successful companies declare their need for change as well. Our Transformation specialists can help to get started on your journey!

They are prepared to redesign processes and coach your teams on the ground to achieve sustainable improvements.

Performance Improvement

Are you lacking strategic human resources? Do you need to improve your processes and align them with the standards of your organisation or industry?

AGIM can provide you with Interim managers with a proven track record. Within days.

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Building a performing organisation through HR

HR leaders are key in facilitating change management. However, the skills and attitude needed to make the change happen are often different to those needed managing HR operations in stable environments.

We can provide you with experienced and driven HR professionals, ready to lead organisations through troubled waters.

Client management

Are you finding it challenging to target the right accounts, converting clients to a strategic relationship with mutual value to both parties?

AGIM can offer you experienced Client Account Management specialists to select and retain clients to help improve profitability of different segments.

Commercial development

Need to launch a new product or service in your market?

Our Interim Managers will help you bring the right people together oversee the launches: marketers, social-media experts, developers, customer-service people, designers, to list a few. Assisting you with accelerating time to market, increasing profitability, reducing costs, and navigating compliance regulations.

Enabling M&A

Are you considering acquiring new businesses or spinning off one of your operating entities? You will require hands-on, specialised professionals who will drive this process for you. Our Interim M&A Specialists will support you in delivering your goals enabling business continuity and de-risking the integration, separation, or divestiture.

Introducing Programme Management

OEMs in the Czech and Slovak Republics are evolving from pure manufacturing sites to turn-key solutions providers for their clients.

Programme management is one of the activities required to ensure and keep the client satisfaction during the whole life cycle of a product or manufacturing programme. Our Interim Managers are skilled and experienced in introducing Programme Management into your organisation.

Post-acquisition management

Bringing together businesses with different commercial structures, history and culture can be a complex process. Our experienced Interim Managers can support you with ensuring the acquisition value meets the pre-deal expectations, identifying issues, developing and implementing strategies to overcome challenges, managing and driving the integration phase, delivering maximum value to shareholders.

Production relocation and organisation

Are you facing the opportunity to relocate a plant or another site? Consider executing a manufacturing plant relocation to CEE? This can be quite daunting and complex process. Our Interim Managers adequately address this challenge to ensure the transition is smooth and successful.

Rebuilding Quality team

Is your current quality system on the shelf? Are you being challenged by clients or dealing with too high costs for quality?

Our Interim quality professionals can help you to address any of these issues and help you to anticipate the drifting of a process, making corrections to avoid defects and errors before they happen.


Is one of your businesses under-performing or facing financial loss? Are you looking to react to the economic climate to ensure stability of the business? Our Specialized Interim Managers can help with preparing plans and restructuring alternatives, optimizing asset and corporate structure, financial distress and turnaround through the bankruptcy process if that becomes necessary.

Restructuring and turnaround

Does your business need fundamental restructuring? Does the situation of the organisation call for a financial turn-around? We believe, it is best to address standing risks and threats immediately.

AGIM Professionals will develop a restructuring plan to rebuild credibility and reassure creditors, laying the groundwork for future recovery and sustainable development, requiring focus on both the big picture and the smallest detail.

Stabilising organisation after major transformation

Having gone through a business transformation, does your organisation need to cope with new requirements?

Our AGIM HR and Finance professionals are there to support you in such periods of transition, by helping, teaching and coaching your teams in place.

Standardisation of procedures

Is your organisation very target and client driven, with hands-on people oriented towards business results and short-term targets?

Than you might need external help in setting up and implementing new standards across your activities.

At AGIM, we can provide you with people specialised in setting up lean processes and organisations including all the paperwork, who can also make your team adhere to the new roles.

Supply chain reorganisation

Supply chain is transforming into a connected and highly efficient ecosystem driven by digital transformation. Our Specialized Interim Managers will help you address and strengthen your readiness for this change.

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