Operational Excellence

1. Project Preparation

Defining Solution

Our Consultants work with you to create a clearly defined project parameters setting out the background and objectives of the assignment.

Engaging AGIM Project Team

Within 8 days, we will present you with Interim Managers matched specifically to your assignment.

2. Project Initiation

Engaging AGIM Project Team

Introduction of IM Specialist into the organization, providing access to people and materials essential for project delivery.

Initial Project Diagnostics

Issuing a first 10 days Diagnostics Report. You will have an initial action plan and schedule that sets out project objectives, priorities and expected results.

3. Project Delivery

Execution of targeted Plan, Regular monitoring of Project Progress

According to the framework established by the AGIM Team, AGIM Consultant and AGIM Interim Manager will conduct regular status meetings to show progress against initially set objectives.

4. Project Completion & Handover

Integrating Project Outcome into Sustainable Operations

AGIM Team will prepare an assignment completion report including results, possible risks and recommendations for the future. Our final report helps ensure transition of the assignment within your organization embedding the required changes in your business.

5. Project Audit & Satisfaction Survey

Project Audit

Meeting with you to evaluate the performance of the Interim Manager and your satisfaction level with our service excellence.