Join AGIM Talent Pool

» It was AGIM, who offered my services to their Clients, negotiated conditions of cooperation and together we succeeded. «

M. S. – Quality Director

If you like the sound of interim management but you prefer to work with a reliable, recognized firm, AGIM is perfect for you. Pioneers in the interim management market, we have the reputation of a leader in the field. We are partnering with global market leader and may provide you with international project.

Want to be an interim manager? Looking for your first assignment? Let’s see what we can do.

Getting to know you is the first step for building a valuable long-term relationship. We take the time to understand your expertise, achievements and values. We will share with you our approach, methods and values to see how we can work together and ensure we are insync when creating a proposed solution to our clients.


  • A personal interview
  • Validation of your professional references
  • A one-to-one session to introduce you to AGIM’s best practices

Join our fast-growing community of interim professionals and business leaders.

Still not sure you’re ready to make the move, or that AGIM is the right partner for you? To help you overcome any remaining doubts, speak to our AGIM Consultants to help you:

  • Understand the role of the interim manager
  • Find out more about the Czech and European interim management market
  • Discover AGIM and its team
  • Understand the different phases of a transition assignment
  • Examine the contractual relationship between you and AGIM

We’re always happy to accept applications to join the AGIM talent pool of managers.

If we believe we will be able to offer you a short or medium term assignment relatively soon, your profile will be entered in our selection process.

If your skills are not directly related to our current field of activity, are rarely requested or are in a field where we currently have sufficient resources, we will keep your application on file and will contact you if the situation changes.


  • A detailed resume in English with photo providing complete details of every position you have held (business activity, company size, role, scope of work, etc.), your assignments and achievements
  • Two examples of most significant projects you have led in the past 10 years, specifying the context, objectives, actions and results
  • Your professional references (name, position, contact details)