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Case study: Program manager

August 15, 2015

A production plant of an automotive supplier acquired a project for the the new platform. Completely new products to be manufactured. The project required co-ordination of R&D, technology, production, suppliers/purchasing and logistics.

The Program manager was responsible for all activities necessary in order to launch a product from customer nomination until launch and running smoothly in production. He was required to manage more than one program simultaneously over a number of locations.

The holder was accountable for:

  • Planning, organization and target setting:
  • Set up / maintains program structure (timing, team, budget), plans required resource
  • Cascades agreed program targets to team members
  • Generates program timing / planning according to customer milestones and internal
  • Controlling / Managing / Problem Solving
  • Systematically manages program risks
  • Empowered to take any decision required for the program (within defined limits)
  • Solves conflicts at his level and within the team
  • Escalates issues to management that cannot be solved within team
  • Task Execution
  • Integrates lessons learned from previous programs
  • Prototype order processing for programs
  • Communication and Reporting
  • Communicates to customer (timing, program status, change management)

Length: 6 months (prolonged)
Capacity: full

The role was handed over with a proper training to a Project manager just in a SOP time.