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Interim managers need references!

May 29, 2019

The selection and appointment of an Interim manager take often only a few days.

Before making up their mind, our Clients usually ask: do you know the Interim manager in person? Have you worked with him before?

Fortunately, we know most of the Czech Interims from their previous career as corporate managers and our experience as Executive Search Consultants.

But is this enough to judge them as Interim managers? I doubt about it.

As Interim or transformation managers, they rely on their corporate experience but need to develop a different approach and quality. They also meet different challenges in each assignment and complete or alter their profile within a few years.

For sure, many challenges in Interim assignments are specified on the go and some of them do not end well. The reasons for failure are not always with the transition/transformation manager or at least they are shared.

Some Interim managers also believe they have to describe even failing missions/mandates as a success and are reluctant providing references they judge as unfair.

Here comes our responsibility as Interim provider: we have to ensure references no matter if they are favorable to the Interim manager or not. In the latter case, they will profit any future client and finally as well the Interim manager.

So we encourage interim managers to ask our client for references at the end of each mandate and clients to take the time to provide and ask for them. And trust us as providers to leverage and objectivize them for the profit of all involved sides.

It is one of the easiest ways to improve the quality of Interim management and increase Client satisfaction.