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Jindřich Smítka

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Jindrich Smítka has worked for many years as an independent consultant in procurement and corporate electricity and natural gas purchase. Thereafter as an financial markets analyst focused on precious metals.

As an consultant in Accord Group Interim Managers & Consultants he is responsible for identifying of new business opportunities and finding effective solutions for corporate clients and interim managers.

He holds master’s degree from University of Finance and Administration in Prague in the field of Marketing and is specialized in Media Relations.

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AGIM has become an official member of Globalise

February 15, 2017

AGIM has joined an alliance of market leading Interim Management providers united in Globalise.

We are now taking part of organisation represented by internationally and industry recognized organizations like VALTUS in France, ATREUS in Germany, Patina in the USA, NORDIC INTERIM across the Nordic Countries and Accord in Belgium.

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