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AGIM offers interim managers for clients looking for fast, flexible and efficient solutions in the management of resources or resolve difficult situations in their organization.

We create and regularly update the database of proven interim managers, which helps us guarantee client solutions within two weeks. During this period we find a suitable and highly qualified interim manager which can co cooperate on a project.

Our interim managers work in three different types of projects – change management in the organization, restructuring and covering temporary vacant managerial positions in finance, purchasing, manufacturing, logistics, human resources, sales and marketing.

Our regular clients include large multinational companies which use this service regularly in their home countries – developed European economies such as the United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, as well as smaller local companies across all sectors. Mostly in the manufacturing, retail, financial services, FMCG and pharmaceutical industries.

Our business model responds to the changing needs of companies and qualified managers and consultants in Central and Eastern Europe, offering a complementary option and alternative to hiring permanent managers or consultants.

AGIM Assignments by Industry Sectors

Data from years 2009 – 2015.

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