When is an Interim suitable?

The most common tasks of Interim Manager:

  • Strategic projects – company reorganisation in general or partly, establishing new departments,change management in position of project or linear manager in the company
  • Specific technical projects – such as implementation of technical systems, launching new products, managing one of projects or deals (in position of Project Manager)
  • Temporary replacement of missing key managers, ensurement of continuity of the organisation, managing specific departments or the whole organisation for certain period of time (the most common positions are CEO, CFO, HR, Logistic Manager, Quality Manager, etc.)
  • Rejuvenating of management (The Interim Manager acts as a coach)
AGIM Assignments by Mission Types

Data from years 2009 – 2015.

The Process of Interim Management

Our main business conditions involve:

  • clear understanding of the clients requirements and their organisation
  • suggesting objective solutions that reflect the real clients needs – Interim Management is suitable for certain type of projects and situations
  • setting of clear business conditions towards our clients and Interim professionals
  • all information are confirmed also in paper form to both parties – project definition, tasks, a type of services and the way they are provided
  • ensuring the selection process of a suitable/ qualified Interim Manager
  • ensuring our client satisfaction by following up on the selected IM, advising when needed

Step 1 – selection process of IM

Client defines together with our Consultant all project needs and requirements (such as its aim, current situation, expected results, budget for the project, time schedule and place of execution) as well as expected profile of the IM.

We will be pleased to prepare for you a complete proposal including business conditions and in parallel we will approach suitable Interim Managers from our internal database as well as from external sources to verify their availability.

Thereafter provide you „short-list“ of 1-2 suitable candidates, whose profiles fulfill specific requirements and arrange a personal meeting with them.

After acceptance of the business conditions we ensure all contractual proprieties to all parties: client, AGIM and the selected Interim Manager.

Step 2 – project accomplishment

Consultants of AGIM are in constant contact with the client and IM during the entire project execution. Carries out the appraisal of the selected AGIM Interim Manager to ensure that the IM delivers the contract in accordance to the client’s needs.

AGIM Consultant process (ensures) regularly all administration requirements that emerge from the business relationship between the client and the Interim Manager in agreed terms. At the end of the month Interim Managers charge their services to AGIM based on agreed daily rate and AGIM than reinvoices this amount to the client increased by an agreed commission for AGIM.

Our consultant is always prepared to help with/solve any inconvenience that may arise during the entire project.

Action Results Benefits of AGIM
Project identification and definition of needs Whom? (expertise and proved experiences) Experience with definition of consulting projects
  Where? (location) Long standing knowledge of the market, available resources and price conditions
  When and for how long?  
  Expected results? In cooperation with Client, written specification of the project for the “candidate”
  Required soft skills – “chemistry”  
  Price of IM  
Selection and presentation of IM Introducing of 1-2 IM reflecting specified requirements AGIM searches in internal database and own network of cooperating certified IM
  Selected IM is informed about the project (debriefed) and prepares his/her own presentation for the client AGIM checks independent references
  Presentation of IM AGIM delivers a qualified IM by the agreed deadline
Contracting Client enters into a contract with AGIM or the IM AGIM arranges setting up the contractual relationship
  AGIM alerts to legal risks and suggests solutions  
Project follow-up, guarantee Regular follow up, monitoring that contractual conditions and outputs are maintained Monthly follow up meetings and man/day sheet checking
    Finds replacement if necessary

Business conditions of AGIM

We offer a highly professional, fast and transparent services to you, always respecting your interests to the same extent as the interests of the Interim Managers we work with and the principles of ethical behaviour, fair trade and fair competition.

We help our customers and Interim managers set and agree the terms of cooperation (including the fee for interim managers work, side project costs and payment terms). We are able to communicate to the customer at an early stage of negotiations the estimated cost of the project.

At the end of the month, interim manager invoices AGIM amount based on the agreed day fee rate. AGIM reinvoices this amount to customer promoted by our margin. The margin, as well as the price for interim professional work varies according to three parameters depending on the complexity of the project (risk management, change, or maintenance project), duration of the project (3 months or 1.5 years) and the availability of the desired profile interim professional market.

Price of Interim Manager – daily fee – varies between 5.000 to 30.000 CZK per day of work, AGIM margin is usually 10-25%.

Any other expenses shall always be subject to prior approval by the customer and if they are part of a contractual arrangement, are re-invoiced based on actual expenses. Apart from the above there are no additional fees.

Benefits of working with AGIM

There are many potential benefits of implementing an Interim Management solution with the help of a specialized service provider. Here are mentioned some of them:

  • Speed accessing an “Insider market”. Unlike major international consulting companies, interim managers and independent consultants do not invest into advertising and marketing themselves in order to be “seen”, instead relying on private networking and “word of mouth” to find their next project. AGIM is continuously building a community of certified experts, enabling us to find and place an appropriate Interim Managers/Consultants operational within in one to four weeks

  • Quality of the process and guarantees. AGIM has developed a certification procedure to select and motivate only those individuals with the relevant skills and personal mind-set, experience and potential to work as successful Interim Managers/Consultants. Before recommending a manager/consultant for a specific assignment, we always carry out a personal interview, psychometric testing and check references.

  • In case an unforeseeable situation arises, AGIM is there with a fast and efficient backup solution.

  • Legal aspects. While Czech legislation addresses all types of labour relationships in detail, consulting and interim management are governed by the Commercial Code – which offers the client more space for entering into special agreements. To limit the risks on any side of our triangular model, we manage the contractual relationships between us and Client as well as between us and Interim Manager/Consultant and, whenever necessary, we consult matters with our attorneys.

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